TGIC powders are an excellent, all round coating designed to provide additional exterior weathering and salt and humidity resistance over a standard polyester. Super durable TGIC powders can be used for interior and exterior applications. Super durable polyesters are named after the super durable resin used in the coating. Super durable polyesters also form the backbone of some architectural powder coatings that meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2604. With only minimal cost difference from a standard polyester, these high quality coatings offer an additional level of exterior protection that’s a no-brainer. Super Durable Polyester TGIC-based systems offer excellent exterior durability, excellent chemical resistance, high impact resistant and flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance, can be formulated over a broad range of color, gloss and special effects, interior and exterior applications, extremely cost effective, meet and exceed AAMA 2604 performance requirements.They, however, lack clarity and smoothness than GMA Acrylics when used as clear coat. Super durable polyester powder coatings are used on a vast range of applications including windows, doors, storefront, curtain wall, interiors, outdoor furniture, fencing, playground and recreation equipment, stadium seating, lighting fixtures, exterior vending machines, automotive parts, marine equipment, lawn and garden equipment and transformer tanks.

Supreme Coat AM® (Our Anti-microbial powder coatings) prevent the spread of micro-organisms and suppress the growth of mold and bacteria. Lab results show a significant decrease in microbial population on parts painted with Supreme Coat AM®. These powders provide protection from microbes over an extended period of time and frequent cleaning / rubbing of finished surface will not reduce the powder’s anti-bacterial properties. Supreme Coat AM® powders are extremely durable and demonstrate outstanding chemical and stain resistance. They are available in a wide range of colors and textures and can be formulated in any chemistry. Ideally used for hand rails, fitness equipment, bathroom partitions, hospital equipment and any other surface that may breed harmful bacteria.

Bonded metallic powder coatings have the metallic or mica flakes adhered (bonded) to the powder particles. This creates a more consistent application, as opposed to dry blend/unbounded, and yields a much better performance even once reclaimed. At FAM Powder, We have a special process when bonding the powder that makes sure to not damage the integrity of the powder or the treatment on the aluminum flakes. Generally, it is easier to apply bonded metallics than unbounded, as the spray dispersion is much smoother than unbounded metallics. This results in a smoother application, and a cleaner and more consistent finish. Fitness Equipment, Outdoor and Indoor Furniture, Wheels, Lighting Fixtures, Display Racks, Shelving Units, Hospital Furniture and Car Components are typical examples of use for these powders.

Unwanted graffiti is a growing problem for manufacturers and metal fabricators and its removal is challenging, time consuming and not to mention expensive. Protect your products and keep them pristine with FAM Powder’s anti-graffiti Powder Coatings. Our anti-graffiti coatings allow the graffiti removers to completely eliminate graffiti without damaging the finish. The powder coating retains its original color and gloss without any marks of graffiti. These products are formulated to offer resistance to graffiti keeping the same durability and finishing ensuring easy maintenance and long lasting effectiveness even after multiple washes. Meeting the ASTM Standards, you can easily remove marks from Permanent Markers, Lipsticks, Water Based Ink Marker, Wax Crayons and Spray Paints. They are suited to interior and exterior applications including public transport, public transit areas, signage, playground and recreational equipment, lockers and mailboxes, doors, gaming equipment, restroom structures, grills and roller doors.

Thermoset Polyurethane series coatings are beautiful, smooth and level surface which possess outstanding chemical and mechanical properties. They are ideal coatings which attracted considerable attention of Industries in the recent years. These powders are very resistance to sunlight UV, Whitening, humidity and corrosion. Polyurethane powders are formulated for exterior environment.

Fam Powder Illusion Metallics are Dormant Powder Coating which are activated by the application of a clear top coat. These products offer a two coat system with the ease of a base coat with CLEAR top coat application. Unlike the conventional Tinted Top Coats, illusion products offer a consistent color and gloss even with varying paint thickness on different areas. Illusion Metallics have virtually endless possibilities and can be formulated in different colors and amounts of metallics. The uniform metallic content along with the color offer a much more attractive and professional finish to the parts. These products are generally available in a high gloss finish. Automotive Parts, Sports and Leisure equipment's and decorative furniture's are typical uses for these metallic products.