TGIC-polyester powders come in handy when decorative and protective properties are needed and exterior durability is a requirement. Recent enhancements have provided premium durability TGIC-polyester grade powders that withstand South Florida weathering exposures beyond five years. TGIC-polyester powders can be formulated to provide very good chemical and solvent reisistance, out-gas resistance caused by substrate porosity, and scratch and mar resistance. Additionally, they offer excellent overbake stability (almost 3 times the recommended cure time without discoloration), Adhesion and Impact resistance up to 160 inch / lb (direct / reverse) and salt spray resistance upto 1000 Hrs. Typical uses include Bicycles, Automotive Parts, Lawn Mowers & Snow Throwers, Garden Furniture and Animal Pens, Agricultural and Playground Equipment, Architectural Products, Storage Bins, Aluminum Railings, Light Fixtures and Electrical Equipments.

TGIC-free Polyseter powder coatings are good for service where exterior durability is a requirement. HAA polyester (TGIC-free) powders can be formulated to provide very good chemical and solvent resistance, excellent first pass transfer efficiency, and scratch and mar resistance. HAA polyesters (TGIC-free) generally meet requirements for the agricultural and construction equipments, incidental food contact and automotive companies.TGIC Free POwder coatings are very similar to the TGIC Powder coatings in Chemical and mechincal properties but offer a better Transfer efficiency. They however do not offer a high overbake resistance unlike their counterparts containing TGIC. Industrial and Agriculural Equipment, Food Processing Equipment and Indoor and Outdoor fixtures are typical uses of this category.

POWDER coatings based on Epoxy have very good anti-corrosion properties, good flexibility and mechanical resistance. The excellent chemical and mechanical properties make them particularly appropriate for anti-corrosion, electrical insulation and indoor decorative protection. However, because of their low UV-resistance, these coatings are not suitable for applications subject to direct sunlight or artificial UV light. A typical Epoxy Coating would produce an excellent smooth finish that will offer premium chemical and solvent resistance. However, Epoxies are not the best option for exterior applications as well as they do not resist color changes upon overbaking. their properties make them a suitable candidate for use in Interior store fixtures, pipelines, vending machines and interior furniture.

HYBRID powders provide a combination of excellent chemical and mechanical properties of epoxy and the superior overbake resistance of polyester powder coatings. They present themselves as an excellent general purpose interior coating. Interior is the keyword here since they are designed for decorative end service applications where exterior durability is not a requirement. Hybrid chemistries will chalk and fade upon exposure to ultraviolet rays because of the epoxy component. However, the polyester component contributes to better resistance to yellowing upon overbake than typical epoxy chemistries. Hybrid powders have flexible cure schedule with excellent film properties and Hardness. They can be formulated for a wide range of surface finishes and glosses as well as to help minimize outgassing. They also offer superior Chemical and Mechical properties and pass salt spray and humidity tests of 1000+ Hours.Interior Store Fixtures and Indoor Furniture are typical uses of these powders.

THERMOSET Polyurethane series coatings are beautiful, smooth and level surface which possess outstanding chemical and mechanical properties. They are ideal coatings which attracted considerable attention of Industries in the recent years. These powders are very resistance to sunlight UV, Whitening, humidity and corrosion. Polyurethane powders are formulated for exterior environment.

MOST acrylic powder coatings used today are referred to as “GMA Acrylics” owing to the incorporation of GMA (glycidyl methacrylate) monomer in the polymer backbone. GMA Acrylics are almost universally used as clear coats. Acrylic powders have outstanding smoothness, excellent weatherability, good chemical resistance, optical clarity and water-white color whereas they lack impact resistance and flexibility and are costly. They are difficult to pigment into different colors and cross contamination into other chemistries is often a problem. GMA Acrylic powders are found almost exclusively in the automotive sector as clear coats for aluminum wheels or auto-body. They can also be used in combination with polyesters to manipulate gloss or mechanical properties.