Powder Coating Rims

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Beneficial points of powder coating your wheel rims

Powder coating is a remarkable process which can lead to improvement of the look of your wheels. In this process ground particles made of specifics pigments and resin are electrically charged and sprayed to the surface of rims. As a result you will reach to a fantastic durable surface look. Below we mention some top benefits of powder coating rims:

·         Protection and resistance: In comparison with conventional liquid paints powder coating is tougher and also non-porous, which means it creates a barrier that helps your rims to withstand the harshest road conditions.

·         Long lasting: Powder coating depending on pre-treatment and the type of powder can survive up to 15-20 years which is up to 3 times longer than conventional paints under the same condition. The reason is that alloys are curved at a high temperature that turns the powder into the liquid which creates a thick, durable surface.

·         Total coverage: Different facets of the rim can be difficult to reach using traditional liquid paints. Otherwise, in powder painting due to the electrostatic method, even the most challenging rim parts get adequate coverage.

·         Environmentally friendly: Traditional liquid paints contain some VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are harmful for both people and ozone layer. On the other hand powder coating is better for the environment and contains no harmful VOCs.

·         More economical: Considering the durability and longevity of powder coating it costs less comparing to conventional painting. Also the average price to buy an entire set of wheel rims is much more than using powder coating services.

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